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Residential Design

Idealist Architects & Interior convert a conventional residence into heaven through modern interior designs that create an optimized environment as your desire. It helps you to get relief from all the stress. –Idealist Architects & Interior

Commercial Design

Commercial interior designers are professionals and have experience in commercial space design. We prioritize keeping the space functional and safe without sacrificing style or aesthetics.

-Idealist Architects & Interior

Kitchen Interior Design

We made modern and unique kitchen designs utilizing every space of your house. We make your kitchen bigger and more functional also.

-Idealist Architects & Interior

Indoor & Outdoor

We bring harmony and balance between the indoor and outdoor space to help in perceiving the unification of your house and enhancing its design. -Idealist Architects & Interior

Why Idealist is the best Architect & Interior Firm in Chattogram


Aesthetic Design

To ensure the highest standard and bring the pleasing qualities, we focus on colour balance, pattern, movement, design variation, scale, shape and visual satisfaction.


Space Utilization

Our team has been trained to utilize the most tiny space for maximum usage of the place. Turning waste space into a beautiful design is one of our expertise.


Comfortable Design

Along with looks, our focus and work pattern brings the most comfortability to the user to have the ultimate liveable and usable experience.


Timely Handover

With the help of our suppliers and workers, we have the confident to handover any project in timely manner.


After Sales Service

We provide our valued customer with at least 5 years of after sales service. It's just a number, we are committed to provide you all the services whenever you need.

Why you should chose Idealist Architects & Interiors

Modern and Innovative Design

Our design is advance and innovative. To make sure that our clients gets the most we adopt modern technology to produce ultimate satisfaction.

Best Quality and Workmanship

As we have a wide market reach, we can easily find the best quality product for you. And, to ensure the highest quality of workmanship, our expert team constantly monitors the work progress.

Expert Supervision

To get the optimum output, our experts supervise the whole project with zero tolerance. Mistakes happens and as soon it does, we act faster to solve it.

Maintenance & Service

Our customer service team is always ready to provide you the service you need. Reach us on facebook, instagram , whatsapp or you can send us a mail of your detail requirement via

Fastest Delivery

We have highly skilled manpower to deliver your project even before touching the deadline without compromising any aestheticness and quality.


Our Facts


The first step will be a meeting arranged with our Head – Business Development where he will show you some of our recent projects’ actual photos. We will measure the premises and then, we shall ask you and your family about 100+ questions which will include your family size, budget, requirements, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, taste, and all the possible questions which will help us to conceptualize your dream home. After this, let us finalize and start collaborating with you for your dream home.

After finalizing to design with us, we will freeze the floor plan which is the heart of interiors and then prepare a concept with creative ideas based on the information provided by you. Once we are crystal clear with the knowledge, we will start brainstorming for new and unique notions that will help us with our next step, which is Design & Create.

This is one of the major steps before the final phase. We will shower you with ‘n’ number of designs to choose from. Home Makers provide 3D designs also for a better decision making which are so ‘to the point’ that even a 5-year-old can understand them. Once you are satisfied with your wonderful choice of design, we will commence with the next stage.

The most crucial and final step is crafting our imagination into reality. Watch as we convert your house into a dream home. Furniture and show pieces add life to certain corners of your house. Elements like curtains, lighting, etc. bring glamour. Luxury is born in the bedroom. Relaxation and peace of mind will be found in the washroom. Comfort and ease is where the kitchen is. Finally, we will hand over to you the peaceful possession of your humble abode, but don’t you worry as we are there with you to take care of your dream home for the rest of your life.




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About us

About Idealist Architects & Interior

Idealist Architects & Interiors is one of the best Interior and Architecture firms based in Chattogram dealing with architectural design, building construction, interior design, interior construction, renovation, construction material supply & interior material supply etc.

We are especially known for our passion for professional design and service which makes our clients believe that “Possibilities and Dreams can be Transformed into Reality”. As an Architect and Interior designing firm, we started our journey in early 2017 with the slogan of “Art of Innovation”. We create designs in a collaborative environment that enables us to understand and deliver the client’s ultimate vision. Our in-house experienced designers and experts will be working together with you to add a distinctive stamp to your interior.

Our continuous search for the most advanced design and high-quality materials provide us with unique Ideas to develop your Concept into a Unique Production. Our target is to make sure of productive use of every inch while preserving the harmony and aesthetics of the total space as we are driven by innovation, collaboration, sustainability and purpose. And finally, we believe that our attention to the tiniest detail will make your interior design more comfortable for regular use.